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Welcome to Flicc.

Flicc is an on-demand platform that allows photographers to make personal connections with clients. Our goal is to build a community that welcomes photographers from all backgrounds. While Flicc is not the first to help people find a photographer, we want to change the way you find one and help you make that connection. Click the button below to find a professional photographer.

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Why Flicc?

"I need a photographer." Have you ever uttered or thought that phrase, but did not know where to begin your search? Social media is a logical first step, but it could also lead to more questions than answers when you get dozens of recommendations, all of them being different types of photographers. Flicc allows you to find the right photographer with the click of a button and offers a diverse community of photographers who are not only storytellers, but also small business owners. On our site, you can filter by photography category, as well as by race, gender, orientation, and even veterans.

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